Thursday, November 9, 2023

BIBLE REFERENCES FOR THE BIBLE K-12, 4th Grade Bible Part A and Part B1

 I have been providing Bible references for subjects that I refer to in my Youtube channel, The Bible K-12.  

The following are for the video, 4th Grade Bible, 4A Part 1 (Creation):

1.  An extensive list of references is found in another person's website:  "The Gospel Way."  It is found in their post on "Creation" under the title, "A List of Creation Scripture References."

2.  Foundational passage for my video:  Genesis 1-2:4.

3.  The Lord's ownership of creation:  Psalm 24:1

4.  Humans as vice-regents of creation:  Genesis 1:26 and 1:28

5.  The beauty, power, and intricacy of creation:  Psalm 8:1, Ecclesiastes 3:11, Job 12:7-10, Psalm 19:1, 139:14, 104

6.  The Fall (Paradise Lost):  Genesis 3:14-24

The following are references for 4th Grade Bible Part B1:  God Talked to People:

1.  Genesis 3:14-19--the serpent, Eve, Adam

2.  Genesis 4:6ff--Cain

3.  Genesis 6:13ff--Noah

4.  Genesis 12:1-3--Abraham

5.  Genesis 28:11-13--Jacob

6.  Exodus 3:1-5--Moses

7.  Judges 6:11ff--Gideon (it begins by referring to the "angel of the Lord," but then Gideon refers to him as "Lord")

8.  I Samuel 3 (entire chapter)--Samuel

9.  II Samuel 7:1-17--David through the prophet Nathan

10.  Genesis 11--the Tower of Babel and the Lord's response (this was not a case of the Lord's speaking, but it does illustrate how the Lord responds to the actions of people)

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