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(Keep in mind that different translations will have different wording, but will not differ substantially in meaning from one another.)

Verse that NIV Study Bible referred to in quote regarding the role of prophets:  I Kings 17:1

Ahijah predicts Jereboam to be king of northern tribes:  I Kings 11:26-39

Elijah predicts gruesome death of Jezebel:  I Kings 21:23

Shemiah persuades Rehoboam not to attack the northern tribes:          I Kings 12:21-24

Unnamed prophet speaks against the altar to the golden calf:  I Kings 12:25-33, 13:1-10

Jehu the prophet (not same person later anointed as king) pronounced judgment on Baasha, king of the north:  I Kings 15:33-16:13

Obadiah hides 100 prophets in caves to save them from Jezebel:         I Kings 18:3-4

Elijah defeats the prophets of Baal on Mount Carmel:  I Kings 17-18

Unknown prophet predicts Ahab will defeat Ben-Hadad:  I Kings 20:1-43

Micaiah tells how a lying spirit will entice Ahab to go to battle:          I Kings 22:1-40

Elijah and Elisha meet up with 3 different companies of prophets:       II Kings 2:1-18

Huldah predicts "disaster" on southern kingdom (Judah) but that Josiah will be spared:  II Kings 22:14-20, II Chronicles 34:22-28

Sons (company) of the prophets:  I Kings 20:35

James describes Elijah as "a man with a nature like ours":  James 5:17-18

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